Zilina, 33 years, 169 cm, 58 kg, breasts size 3

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Location: Zilina
Region: Zilinsky region
Address: Suvorovova 10
Type of service: Erotic services and classic massages
Offer: Offers private sex apartment and escort
Experience: Experienced
Selection of girls: Home alone
Natural trim: partly shaved
Orientation: hetero
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Updated: today
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Vášeň aj neha. Real u mňa.. ponúkam ti príjemné chvíľky strávené u mňa na bytíku. Seriózna, inteligentná kočka v príjemnom diskrétnom prostredí ponúka rozptýlenie a relax pánom. Keď som nedostupná nepracujem


30min - 50€
60min - 70€

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Ak nedvíham, skús zavolať neskôr, asi som obsadená.


Classic, Oral, Massage

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